Herdade Papa Leite CAG

Year  2017

Varieties Cobrançosa, Arbequina and Galega

Colour  Shiny green

Maximum Acidity  0,2%

The Herdade papa Leite CAG, presents an initial aroma of grass and apple, leaving a taste of fresh green aromas, with a dense base, and a discreet almond aftertaste whose softness contrasts with a moderate bitter and spicy taste.

Recommendation  This olive oil is ideal for grilled dishes, tomato and feta salads, or even a dessert made of sliced oranges with cinnamon and clove, its essence will enrich the flavours of any of these dishes.

Selected Varieties



Native of Trás os Montes. The olive oil is slightly fruity, and it is more bitter and spicy when the olives are picked unripened; or sweet and soft when picked ripe.



Native of Palestine, it was brought to Europe in the XVII Century. It produces olive oil of excellent organoleptic characteristics -  - fruity, fresh, scent of almond and hints of fresh tomato.



This variety is the most common in Portugal. It produces a soft olive oil, not very bitter and not very spicy.

Alter do Chão - Portugal


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