Herdade Papa Leite P7A3

Year  2017

Varieties Picual and Arbequina

Colour  Intense green

Maximum Acidity  0,2%

Herdade Papa Leite PA is a blend of Picual and Arbequina varieties, resulting in an elegant olive oil of great quality, fruity apple aroma,delicate taste of almond and olive leaves, with a persistent pungency at the end.

Recommendation  Due to its delicate characteristics this olive oil can be served as a starter to dip bread in, or to substitute butter on a piece of toast. Perfect to dizzle a fresh salad or delicate dishes, like cooked grouper or turbot with vegetables.

Selected Varieties



Native of the South of Spain. This olive oil complex, very fruity, bitter, pungent with hints of fresh grass, apple and dried fruits.



Native of Palestine, it was brought to Europe in the XVII Century. It produces olive oil of excellent organoleptic characteristics -    - fruity, fresh, scent of almond and hints of fresh tomato.

Alter do Chão - Portugal


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