Herdade Papa Leite Olive Oil

Herdade Papa Leite Extra Virgin Olive Oil was subject to a careful selection, from the harvest of the olives to the bottling of the olive oil.

The fine particles in the pulp, still dissolved, rest peacefully at the bottom of the container, making for natural clarifying. After the separation of the decanted particles, the oil is subjected to an organoleptic evaluation, with the purpose of selecting the deposits with the most intense  and complex aroma.

The organoleptic profile of the Herdade Papa Leite Olive oil, is the result of the choice of the composition of these batches, varied in intensity and complexity.

The extraction of the olive oil begins with the process of grinding the fruit whole, with cold extraction, and then storing it in a stainless steel container, in a dry dark place.

The dark coloured glass bottle protects the oil from light and temperature conditions, thus preserving for a longer period of time the colour and aroma of the original fruit.

Alter do Chão - Portugal


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