Serra Papa Leite "ONosso"

Type  White

Grapes  Verdelho and Muscat

Tasting Notes

Colour  Crystalline yellow

Aroma  Very elegant with hints of tropical fruit

Flavour  Very balanced in the mouth, tropical with an excellent texture. Reminders of mango, papaya , passion fruit, with a lively and persistent finish

Alcohol Content  13% | Reducing sugar 0,6 g/l



pH  3,39 | Total acidity  6,5 g/l


Recommendation  Serve at 8º-10º C

Terroir  Clay and shale-limestone

Harvest  On September 17th , the harvest was done manually, and transported in 10 kg boxes to avoid crushing the grapes

Oenology  Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tank, for three weeks, at a controlled temperature of 15ºC

Aging  After fermentation, the wine was kept in contact with the lees until May/19

Bottling  August 14th with cork

Producer  Filipe Barreiros Cardoso

Oenologist  António Madalena

Selected Grapes



Muscat is probably the grape presenting the greatest combination of aromas, making it easily identifiable. The muscat grape is sweet.

Its aroma is one of ripe grape, musk, honey, peach, apricot, nectarine and orange, with floral hints of jasmine and rose.

When vinified, the grapes can produce light and dry wines, different types of fragrant and fruity white wines, as a small amount of muscat grape is enough to give the wine its fruity aroma.

Many wines and sparkling wines are produced using muscat grapes, always with a sweet characteristic.

They pair well with desserts, and when served cold, are refreshing and often served as an aperitif. It should not be consumed over 20ºC, in order to avoid it becoming too sweet.

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